Herb Simon and your life as nearly decomposable systems
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an interintellect salon
"discovery as problem solving"
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Introduction & Question
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What is something in your life you're trying to describe right now?
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Background to Herb Simon
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Healthcare >> Subsystems as health systems Organizations >> Subsystems as teams ML >> Subsystems as different ML systems Local government >> Subsystems as policies Disciplines >> Subsystems as different skill-sets, like music vs. engineering
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problem solving & decision making
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About ND systems
How to negotiate reviewing existing systems vs. creating new systems? How to deal with subsystems with the 'wrong' propinquity / links? From what level do you look at the problem? When do systems & sub-systems form?
& Where we see...
building teams
pace layers
managing stress
metaphor in narrative
coarse graining in science
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State vs. process descriptions
the language is the program
benefit to simplicity
concept of description
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Fiction as a tool
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The Apple
Life's maze
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Links from the Salon
"The design principle that attention is scarce and must be preserved is very different from a principle of 'the more information the better.'" -HS
The power of something to touch & manipulate
Links shared by participants:
By Simon
On Simon
On Heuristics
Instead of asking "Can you explain it?" instead... "Can you grow it?" - JE & RA
Process Descriptions
On Metaphor & Storytelling